2 Weeks and a Lesson Learned!

Well I have made it to the two week mark. I have now been sober for two weeks. Unlike when I gave up last year I find I am able to sleep quite well and I am not finding it too hard to abstain from drinking. Hubby is also not drinking which helps a lot. Although he has had one day of drinking and intends to again (he is just cutting down) so I will have some tough moments to deal with.

Lesson learned –

Alcohol and prozac don’t mix. Remember I said in my last post that my husband said it was breaking his heart seeing me like I was every night? Well I wasn’t drinking enough to have hangovers and I realised that something had changed, why had I become such a lightweight… I just had to work out what it was.

So I had a think about what I was doing different and the first thing was that I had started taking progesterone tablets…. then because they exacerbated my symptoms of PMDD I increase my low dose (20mg) of fluoxetine to 40mg. I had never looked into what fluoxetine was. I was just told it was a low dose of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication.

Anyway I googled it and discovered that drinking alcohol with prozac was a bad mix. It will act as a sedative cause people to fall asleep, become incoherent, have accidental falls…. all of which occurred to me once I doubled my dose.

I have been on 20mg of Fluoxetine for around 8-9 years. Once I made this discovery about the effects of mixing prozac and alcohol, hubby and I soon realised that even with 20mg I was having adverse effects from mixing the two.

It was about 8-9 years ago that I would start to fall asleep at dinner parties etc. It was around 8-9 years ago that I got drunk on two drinks and just these two drinks would impair my judgment! I now know if I want to drink I will have to stop taking the prozac. I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of this!

If you are taking Fluoxetine (prozac) please read more about the effect of drug interactions with it HERE.

For more information on the effect of Fluoxetine and alcohol check out the following links.





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