Six Weeks Sober, but…

I am now six weeks sober! And lovin’ it!

sober and loving it

That is not to say I do not get pangs of regrets and yearning for a nice glass of red wine! I do. Lately I have found that I don’t have many cravings and when I do, they pass quickly. BUT, I now find myself dwelling on the fact I can never drink again. NEVER! Now that just sucks. And I’m not entirely sure I can, or want to, do that. Having said that, never drinking again was exactly what I had in mind when I gave it up six weeks ago, and there was, and is, very good reasons for that. It is like now that I have been sober for 6 week I am beginning to think …surely I can just have one drink occasionally. YEAH RIGHT! That worked before didn’t it! OK so this is all the shit running through my mind on a daily basis lately.

So my next step is… what? Just to keep reiterating to myself why I don’t want to drink? How great it feels not to drink? Maybe that is what I have to do! Think about all the times I couldn’t remember the night before, or speaking to someone that was acting like they knew me…. but who are they?… have I met them before? They know my name, so oops it must have been the other night when we were partying at the bar. I hate being that person. If you meet me when I am drunk I would be extrovert, talkative and full of life. The next time you see me, I will act like I don’t know you because in reality I don’t… I don’t remember anything!

OK, I am already feeling better about never drinking again. Good therapy!

Now for positive reinforcement!

Now that I am not drinking I –

  • have lost a little weight
  • my skin is looking extremely healthy
  • the puffiness has gone
  • I am feeling very healthy
  • my blood pressure has gone down a bit
  • I am sleeping better
  • My hubby is not telling me off, every morning, about drinking too much the night before.
  • I don’t have to stress over having a plan to not drink so much when we go out
  • I am getting so much more work done on my travel blogging
  • Saving soooooo much money
  • And I am sure my liver, kidneys and brain are thanking me for it. 

So thanks for listening. xx



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