I suppose it will never end!

It has been hard today. Here we are exploring gorgeous Laos and all I can think of is having a drink. It is really becoming obvious to me – the when and why I would drink. Well that is not to say I didn’t just drink for the heck of it, because I did. But what I am talking about is today I was uncomfortable physically and all I thought about was having a drink. I won’t have a drink but this entire afternoon I have felt like I need something… ice cream, chocolate, soft drink, chips….. my body doesn’t know what it wants. Last week I had no appetite, this week I want to eat continually.  I enjoy an ice-cream cone but felt like I could have eaten four of them! Feels a little nuts.

On a brighter side I’m still the sober sailor and today in Laos we had a look at some ancient stone jars. The history of these jars is not 100% known. Very interesting.


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