I’m sailing sober! Alcohol-free life on the high seas! It is not easy, but I’m going to do it!

I live in a situation which is not very conducive to giving up alcohol. I live on a yacht. I am a full-time cruiser. What does cruising entail? Sailing to different places/countries. Lots of doing nothing, lots of work keeping the boat running, lots of snorkelling if we are lucky…and a lot of socialising. Being invited for “happy hour” or “sundowners” on other peoples yachts or inviting people to ours, beach barbecues or beach parties. If you are a cruiser you can alway find a reason to drink… An awesome snorkel – lets celebrate! It’s so and so’s anniversary – lets party. In fact there is always a reason to have a drink! Sailors drink rum – lets have one. Just anchored in paradise – cocktail time. Caught some fresh fish – gotta have a glass of white wine with that! Pirates drink rum – lets have one. Eating dinner (whatever it is) – need a red wine with that. Did I mention sailors drink rum – I think you get the picture.

I need to give up drinking!

Why give it up you may ask? Or… I love this one... Why don’t you just stick to 1 or 2 drinks? Well the answer is that I can’t. I can have AFDs (alcohol free days) if I put my mind to it, but when I start drinking in a social situation I find it impossible to stop. It’s genetic! Not my parents, they are responsible drinkers. I wish I could be like them. But no! I get the addictive genes, I’m like my Aunty!

So I need a support group, a “virtual” group because we never stay in one place for a long time. I think of my blog as a diary, making myself accountable to someone even if it is just myself. This is my last attempt to give alcohol the kick and I am hoping that this diary/blog will help me stay focused. Please have a read and give me some feedback… you will be instrumental in my remaining alcohol free and I thank you from the bottom of my overworked alcoholic heart. I begin this blog on Day 5.

Oh by the way just call me Kali.